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Pictures from RISE Winter 2018 retreat!

Our biggest retreat so far (182 registered attendees!) happened January 10 – 12, 2018, at Monterey Tides hotel. We had lots of productive interactions (presentations, meeting, poster sessions), but also

November 2017 Newsletter Published!

The third installment of the RISELab newsletter went out on November 15. You can read all about what’s been going on here. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, simply fill out this form.

RISELab to cooperate with Alibaba DAMO Academy

Alibaba Group launched a massive global research program, “Alibaba DAMO Academy”, by committing $15B in funding. The Academy aims to increase technological collaboration worldwide, advance the

FireSim featured on the AWS Compute Blog

The FireSim project was recently featured on the AWS Compute Blog. Read the article here: Bringing Datacenter-Scale Hardware-Software Co-design to the Cloud with FireSim and Amazon EC2 F1 Instances.

ActiveClean featured in “the morning paper”

ActiveClean has been featured in today’s “the morning paper“. The ActiveClean project aims to develop tools and algorithms to address one of the key steps in model training pipelines: handle

PyWren wins Best Vision Paper Award at SOCC’17

PyWren won the Best Vision paper Award at SOCC’17. PyWren is a new paralle computation engine that drmatically lowers the barrier for scientists to use public cloud for massively parallel worklods, by

Latest RISE Camp Updates

PLEASE NOTE: tutorials are not Live Streamed – they will be made available on the event page at a later date

RISE Camp 2017 is happening!

For the latest agenda updates and link to the Live Stream (starting at 9 AM), please go to the event website:

Second RISELab Newsletter!

In case you missed it (it went out on August 1, 2017), you can still read a web copy here. If you’d like to be added to our mailing list, please fill out this form.

Announcing Ground v0.1

We’re excited to be releasing v0.1 of the Ground project! Ground is a data context service. It is a central repository for all the information surrounding the use of data in an organization. Ground concerns itself

RISELab and the 5G Innovators Initiative (5GI2)

5G, also known as Fifth Generation Mobile Networks, is an emerging global telecommunication system designed for the next generation of significantly higher wireless data bandwidths to support a variety of consumer,

Join RISELab at NSDI’17

Join RISELab at NSDI’17 on March 27th through the 29th in Boston.  There we will be presenting the Opaque and Clipper systems. Please see the below links to read the final versions of the papers and try