Read + Watch: “New Directions in Cloud Programming” from CIDR 2021

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RISELab researchers Alvin Cheung, Natacha Crooks, Joseph M. Hellerstein, Matthew Milano presented “New Directions in Cloud Programming” at CIDR 2021.

Read the paper here. Watch the talk on youtube.


Nearly twenty years after the launch of AWS, it remains difficult for most developers to harness the enormous potential of the cloud. In this paper we lay out an agenda for a new generation of cloud programming research aimed at bringing research ideas to programmers in an evolutionary fashion. Key to our approach is a separation of distributed programs into a PACT of four facets: Program semantics, Availablity, Consistency and Targets of optimization. We propose to migrate developers gradually to PACT programming by lifting familiar code into our more declarative level of abstraction. We then propose a multi-stage compiler that emits humanreadable code at each stage that can be hand-tuned by developers seeking more control. Our agenda raises numerous research challenges across multiple areas including language design, query optimization, transactions, distributed consistency, compilers and program synthesis.

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