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RISELab Announces 3 Open Source Releases

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Part of the Berkeley tradition—and the RISELab mission—is to release open source software as part of our research agenda. Six months after launching the lab, we’re excited to announce initial v0.1 releases of three RISElab open-source systems: Clipper, Ground and Ray. Clipper is an open-source prediction-serving system. Clipper simplifies deploying models from a wide range of machine learning frameworks by exposing a common REST interface and automatically ensuring low-latency and high-throughput predictions.  In the 0.1 release, we focused on reliable support for serving models trained in Spark and Scikit-Learn.  In the next release we will be introducing support for TensorFlow and Caffe2 as well as online-personalization and multi-armed bandits.  We are providing active support for early users and will be following Github issues …