Alyssa Morrow

I am a second year graduate student in the AMPLab at the University of California Berkeley, advised by Anthony Joseph, Nir Yosef and David Patterson. My research interests lie at the intersection of of systems and computational biology. This involves building scalable systems and algorithms to process and compute on all that genomic data.

Blog Posts

Exploratory data analysis of genomic datasets using ADAM and Mango with Apache Spark on Amazon EMR (AWS Big Data Blog Repost)

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Note: This blogpost is replicated from the AWS Big Data Blog and can be found here. As the cost of genomic sequencing has rapidly decreased, the amount of publicly available genomic data has soared over the past couple of years. New cohorts and studies have produced massive datasets consisting of over 100,000 individuals. Simultaneously, these datasets have been processed to extract genetic variation across populations, producing mass amounts of variation data for each cohort. In this era of big data, tools like Apache Spark have provided a user-friendly platform for batch processing of large datasets. However, to use such tools as a sufficient replacement to current bioinformatics pipelines, we need more accessible and comprehensive APIs for processing genomic data. We…