Edmon Begoli

Edmon Begoli, PhD is a director of scalable protected data facilities, and a senior scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory where he leads initiatives on resilient and reliable AI/ML systems. At RISE Lab, Edmon is collaborating with Dr. Stoica and his team on how to use RISE-developed frameworks for real-time, robust and resilient analytic decision making.

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Using Ray as a foundation for a real-time analytic monitoring framework

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Ray’s actor model, and its simplicity of implementation in Python-based frameworks is a primary motivation for using it in a higher-level research framework (Realm, to be published) for real-time analytic monitoring of critical events (e.g. suicide risk, infectious diseases, etc.) that my colleagues and I are working on. The purpose of Realm is to provide: real time alerts in response to, for example, continuously occurring, high-frequency clinical events, support for online learning, distribution of model updates through the hierarchy of models (local/embedded, regional, and central), and targeted, selective, and context-specific updates to these models. While other frameworks provide most of these functions (Akka, Spark, Kafka, etc.), we are exploring and using Ray because of its simplicity of implementation (using actors…