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Confluo: Millisecond-level Queries on Large-scale Live Data

Anurag Khandelwal blog, Confluo, Open Source, Projects, Real-Time, Systems 1 Comment

Confluo is a system for real-time distributed analysis of multiple data streams. Confluo simultaneously supports high throughput concurrent writes, online queries at millisecond timescales, and CPU-efficient ad-hoc queries via a combination of data structures carefully designed for the specialized case of multiple data streams, and an end-to-end optimized system design. We are excited to release Confluo as an open-source C++ project, comprising: Confluo’s data structure library, that supports high throughput ingestion of logs, along with a wide range of online (live aggregates, conditional trigger executions, etc.) and offline (ad-hoc filters, aggregates, etc.) queries, and, A Confluo server implementation, that encapsulates the data structures and exposes its operations via an RPC interface, along with client libraries in C++, Java and Python.…