Professor Popa: Decentralized Security CS 294-163

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Lectures: Tue/Thur 3:30pm – 4:59pm, 310 Soda
Course description:
Recently, there has been much excitement in both academia and industry around the notion of decentralized security, which refers to, loosely speaking, security mechanisms that do not rely on the trustworthyness of any central entity. In only a few years, this area has generated many beautiful cryptographic constructs as well as exciting systems with real-world adoption.
The course will cover topics such as decentralized ledgers, blockchain/cryptocurrencies, decentralized access control, secure multi-party computation, federated learning, coopetitive learning, and others.
This is an advanced course, which will go deeply into both cryptography and systems. A solid foundation in cryptography is required, and a similar foundation in systems is beneficial.
The course is 3 units. The course could count for both systems or theory requirements (you might need to petition in some cases, and I am happy to help). 
Strong undergraduates are welcome too. Email me if interested.


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