RISE Seminar 2/15/18 : Mihai Budiu (VMware) – Hillview: a spreadsheet for big data

February 15, 2018

Title: Hillview: a spreadsheet for big data

By: Mihai Budiu

Affiliation: VMware

Where/When: Thursday Feb 15 noon-1pm Wozniak Lounge (430 Soda Hall)

Abstract: Hillview is a cloud service for providing interactive browsing of large data sets. The code is available using an Apache 2 license at https://github.com/vmware/hillview. In this presentation we describe and demonstrate the design and implementation of the system. Hillview offers sub-second renderings of billion-row datasets.  Hillview is built on top of a platform for executing distributed sketching algorithms. A core design principle is to compute only what can be displayed and nothing more. This principle sometimes enables the system to use constant-work algorithms, independent on the actual data size.

Bio: Mihai Budiu is a senior researcher at VMware Research. Other projects that he has worked on include: PipeRench (at CMU), Dryad, DryadLINQ, Training Kinect, Control-Flow Integrity (at MSR), The P4 programming language (at Barefoot Networks).

This is joint work with Parikshit Gopalan, Lalith Suresh, Udi Wieder and Han Kruiger.