RISE Seminar 2/26/21: Vignettes from Applied Research @ Splunk, a talk by Ram Sriharsha

February 26, 2021

Title: Vignettes from Applied Research @ Splunk
Time: 12-1 PM Pacific Time, Friday February 26th, 2021
YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/8evavcXtKVk
Abstract: By picking two very different but hopefully interesting problems among a whole slew that we are solving in the Machine Learning Research group at Splunk, I will try to provide a sense for the types of challenges we face in applying machine learning in our problem domain.
The two problem domains I will be focusing on are: monitoring outliers in metrics at scale , and automatically extracting information from machine generated data.
Bio: Ram is the head of Machine Learning at Splunk. His group applies and advances the state of the art in machine learning in areas relevant to Splunk. They also develop the machine learning based insights that power Splunk’s products.