RISE Seminar 11/6/20: The µ Operating System: Linux for µs-latency and Tbps-bandwidth (Prof. Rachit Agarwal, Cornell)

November 6, 2020

Title: The µ Operating System: Linux for µs-latency and Tbps-bandwidth
Time: 12-1 PM PST, Friday November 6th, 2020
In accordance with presenter’s wishes, no recording of this talk is available

Abstract: Within the next few years, data centers will have hardware that makes it possible to achieve <10µs latency and 1.4Tbps bandwidth between servers. Is it possible to re-architect Linux to capitalize on the benefits offered by such high-performance hardware? In this talk, I will discuss how my group has been having fun exploring this question, what we have learned so far, and what it might take our community to achieve this goal.

Bio: Rachit is an assistant professor at Cornell University, where he works with an awesome group of students and postdocs — Saksham AgarwalQizhe CaiMidhul Vuppalapati, Katie Gioioso, Jaehyun Hwang and Mina Arashloo — on problems related to systems and networking. Rachit is currently most excited about building the µ operating system, designing synchronous networks, and realizing resource disaggregation.

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