RISE Seminar 10/9/20: End-to-End Acceleration of Machine Learning Pipelines, a talk by Andy Feng of Nvidia

October 9, 2020

Title: End-to-End Acceleration of Machine Learning Pipelines
Time and Date: October 9th 2020, 12-1 PM Pacific Time
Talk recording: https://youtu.be/Q6ayd76RFO0
As the amount of data in the world has increased exponentially, there is huge interest across industries to build machine learning pipelines to mine the hidden gold. While CPU clock speed has largely remained the same in the last decade, GPUs have demonstrated great potential to accelerate machine learning pipelines dramatically.
In this talk, we will present Nvidia’s initiatives to enable end-to-end acceleration of machine learning pipelines: data annotations, data analytics, model training and model inference.  We will cover recent successes in healthcare and Apache Spark, including a Covid model trained across 20 hospitals. Related challenges will be discussed for potential research collaborations.
Andy Feng is a Vice President at Nvidia, leading initiatives to accelerate big data platforms and healthcare AI. Prior to Nvidia, he was a VP Architect at Yahoo, and designed platforms for machine learning, big-data, personalized serving, and NoSQL. He was Chief Architect at Netsape/AOL and Principal Scientist and Xerox. Andy received his PhD from Osaka University, Japan.