Parametrized Hierarchical Procedures for Neural Programming

Roy Fox Deep Learning, Human in the Loop, Theoretical ML

Parametrized Hierarchical Procedures (PHP) represent a program as a hierarchy of procedures that call each other, each implemented by a neural network. We develop an algorithm for training PHPs from a set of supervisor demonstrations, only few of which are annotated with the internal call structure.

Authors: Roy Fox, Eui Chul (Richard) Shin, Sanjay Krishnan, Kenneth Goldberg, Dawn song, Ion Stoica

A DeVIL-ish approach to inconsistency in interactive visualizations

Yifan Wu Human in the Loop

Declarative languages have a long tradition in both the database systems and data visualization communities, separating specifications from implementations.Declarative Visual Interaction Language presents a unified relational model for interactive visualization applications, and provides a basis to analyze aspects of interaction such as performance, correctness, and expressiveness. In this paper, we focus on a specific benefit provided by our approach: managing the consistency of interactive visualizations in the face of inherent asynchrony and reordering of events in modern data visualizations.

Authors: Yifan Wu, Joe Hellerstein, Eugene Wu