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18 tests (±0)
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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-32467: Avoid encoding URL twice on https redirect51 msPassed
SPARK-33611: Avoid encoding twice on the query parameter of proxy rewrittenURI1 msPassed
SPARK-34449: Jetty 9.4.35.v20201120 and later no longer return status code 302 and handle internally when request URL ends with a context path without trailing '/'19 msPassed
SPARK-34449: default thread pool size of different jetty servers29 msPassed
add and remove handlers with custom user filter39 msPassed
basic ui visibility0 msSkipped
http -> https redirect applies to all URIs0.16 secPassed
jetty binds to port 0 correctly20 msPassed
jetty selects different port under contention29 msPassed
jetty with https binds to port 0 correctly34 msPassed
jetty with https selects different port under contention70 msPassed
redirect with proxy server support20 msPassed
specify both http and https ports separately25 msPassed
verify proxy rewrittenURI0 msPassed
verify rewriting location header for reverse proxy2 msPassed
verify webUrl contains the port65 msPassed
verify webUrl contains the scheme63 msPassed
visibility at localhost:40400 msSkipped