Test Result : UserDefinedTypeSuite

0 failures (±0)
20 tests (±0)
Took 4.6 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
Catalyst type converter null handling for UDTs1 msPassed
Legacy mode - Repartition UDTs with Parquet0.37 secPassed
Legacy mode - UDTs with Parquet0.42 secPassed
Local UDTs0.66 secPassed
SPARK-10472 UserDefinedType.typeName0 msPassed
SPARK-15658: Analysis exception if Dataset.map returns UDT object69 msPassed
SPARK-19311: UDFs disregard UDT type hierarchy0.23 secPassed
SPARK-23054 Cast UserDefinedType to string53 msPassed
SPARK-28497 Can't up cast UserDefinedType to string1 msPassed
SPARK-30993: UserDefinedType matched to fixed length SQL type shouldn't be corrupted0.41 secPassed
SPARK-32090: acceptsType1 msPassed
SPARK-32090: equal0 msPassed
Standard mode - Repartition UDTs with Parquet0.41 secPassed
Standard mode - UDTs with Parquet0.41 secPassed
UDTs and UDFs0.31 secPassed
UDTs with JSON0.18 secPassed
UDTs with JSON and Dataset0.21 secPassed
except on UDT0.54 secPassed
register user type: MyDenseVector for MyLabeledPoint0.27 secPassed
typeof user defined type94 msPassed