Test Result : DataFrameJoinSuite

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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-16991: Full outer join followed by inner join produces wrong results0.19 secPassed
SPARK-17685: WholeStageCodegenExec throws IndexOutOfBoundsException0.22 secPassed
SPARK-23087: don't throw Analysis Exception in CheckCartesianProduct when join condition is false or null31 msPassed
SPARK-24385: Resolve ambiguity in self-joins with EqualNullSafe15 msPassed
SPARK-24690 enables star schema detection even if CBO disabled2.8 secPassed
SPARK-32693: Compare two dataframes with same schema except nullable property0.56 secPassed
SPARK-34527: Resolve common columns from USING JOIN0.46 secPassed
Supports multi-part names for broadcast hint resolution0.52 secPassed
The same table name exists in two databases for broadcast hint resolution0.4 secPassed
broadcast join hint using Dataset.hint21 msPassed
broadcast join hint using broadcast function0.53 secPassed
join - cross join0.46 secPassed
join - join using0.18 secPassed
join - join using multiple columns0.16 secPassed
join - join using multiple columns and specifying join type1.3 secPassed
join - outer join conversion1 secPassed
join - sorted columns not in join's outputSet0.59 secPassed
process outer join results using the non-nullable columns in the join input0.48 secPassed