Test Result : TableScanSuite

0 failures (±0)
17 tests (±0)
Took 2.6 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
Caching0.47 secPassed
SELECT * FROM oneToTen79 msPassed
SELECT `longField_:,<>=+/~^` * 2 FROM tableWithSchema0.13 secPassed
SELECT `string$%Field` FROM tableWithSchema0.13 secPassed
SELECT a.i, b.i FROM oneToTen a JOIN oneToTen b ON a.i = b.i + 10.14 secPassed
SELECT count(*) FROM tableWithSchema0.22 secPassed
SELECT i * 2 FROM oneToTen50 msPassed
SELECT i FROM oneToTen37 msPassed
SELECT i FROM oneToTen WHERE i < 50.1 secPassed
SELECT int_Field FROM tableWithSchema WHERE int_Field < 50.18 secPassed
SELECT structFieldComplex.Value.`value_(2)` FROM tableWithSchema0.15 secPassed
SELECT structFieldSimple.key, arrayFieldSimple[1] FROM tableWithSchema a where int_Field=10.17 secPassed
SPARK-5196 schema field with comment11 msPassed
Schema and all fields0.36 secPassed
defaultSource45 msPassed
exceptions17 msPassed
read the data source tables that do not extend SchemaRelationProvider0.31 secPassed