Test Result : SQLConfSuite

0 failures (±0)
26 tests (±0)
Took 1.7 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-21588 SQLContext.getConf(key, null) should return null1 msPassed
SPARK-22779: correctly compute default value for fallback configs3 msPassed
SPARK-24783: spark.sql.shuffle.partitions=0 should throw exception1 msPassed
SPARK-31234: reset will not change static sql configs and spark core configs3 msPassed
SPARK-32406: reset - single configuration20 msPassed
SPARK-34454: configs from the legacy namespace should be internal2 msPassed
SPARK-35168: mapred.reduce.tasks should respect spark.sql.shuffle.partitions60 msPassed
SparkSession can access configs set in SparkConf2 msPassed
cannot set/unset static SQL conf4 msPassed
default value of WAREHOUSE_PATH1 msPassed
deprecated property5 msPassed
invalid conf value2 msPassed
log deprecation warnings2 msPassed
parse SQL set commands10 msPassed
programmatic ways of basic setting and getting1 msPassed
propagate from spark conf4 msPassed
reset - internal conf0.14 secPassed
reset - public conf90 msPassed
reset - user-defined conf37 msPassed
set command for display0.35 secPassed
set removed config to non-default value1 msPassed
set time zone0.91 secPassed
spark.sql.session.timeZone should only accept valid zone id20 msPassed
static SQL conf comes from SparkConf50 msPassed