Test Result : HiveTableScanSuite

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Took 13 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
HiveTableScanExec canonicalization for different orders of partition filters0.25 secPassed
SPARK-16926: number of table and partition columns match for new partitioned table1.9 secPassed
SPARK-32069: Improve error message on reading unexpected directory0.72 secPassed
SPARK-32867: When explain, HiveTableRelation show limited message3.4 secPassed
Spark-4041: lowercase issue0.53 secPassed
Spark-4077: timestamp query for null value0.39 secPassed
Spark-4959 Attributes are case sensitive when using a select query from a projection0.93 secPassed
file_split_for_small_table0.59 secPassed
partition_based_table_scan_with_different_serde2.1 secPassed