Test Result : SQLMetricsSuite

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33 tests (±0)
Took 9.2 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
Add numRows to metric of BroadcastExchangeExec0.39 secPassed
Aggregate metrics0.2 secPassed
Aggregate metrics: track avg probe1.7 secPassed
BroadcastHashJoin metrics0.19 secPassed
BroadcastHashJoin(outer) metrics0.31 secPassed
BroadcastLeftAntiJoinHash metrics0.17 secPassed
BroadcastLeftSemiJoinHash metrics0.14 secPassed
BroadcastNestedLoopJoin metrics0.34 secPassed
CartesianProduct metrics0.13 secPassed
Filter metrics0.1 secPassed
InMemoryTableScan shows the table name on UI if possible0.28 secPassed
LocalTableScanExec computes metrics in collect and take18 msPassed
ObjectHashAggregate metrics0.27 secPassed
SPARK-25278: output metrics are wrong for plans repeated in the query60 msPassed
SPARK-25497: LIMIT within whole stage codegen should not consume all the inputs84 msPassed
SPARK-25602: SparkPlan.getByteArrayRdd should not consume the input when not necessary87 msPassed
SPARK-26327: FileSourceScanExec metrics0.29 secPassed
SPARK-28332: SQLMetric merge should handle -1 properly0.1 secPassed
SPARK-32629: ShuffledHashJoin(full outer) metrics0.43 secPassed
SPARK-34399: Add job commit duration metrics for DataWritingCommand0.22 secPassed
SPARK-34567: Add metrics for CTAS operator0.13 secPassed
ShuffledHashJoin metrics0.15 secPassed
ShuffledHashJoin(left, outer) metrics0.74 secPassed
Sort metrics0.1 secPassed
SortMergeJoin metrics0.19 secPassed
SortMergeJoin(left-anti) metrics0.19 secPassed
SortMergeJoin(outer) metrics0.36 secPassed
WholeStageCodegen metrics45 msPassed
metrics can be loaded by history server10 msPassed
range metrics0.52 secPassed
save metrics0.14 secPassed
writing data out metrics with dynamic partition: parquet0.72 secPassed
writing data out metrics: parquet0.34 secPassed