Test Result : DDLParserSuite

0 failures (±0)
26 tests (±0)
Took 44 ms.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
Invalid interval term should throw AnalysisException2 msPassed
SPARK-14383: DISTRIBUTE and UNSET as non-keywords8 msPassed
alter database - property values must be set3 msPassed
alter table - SerDe property values must be set0 msPassed
alter table - property values must be set0 msPassed
alter table unset properties - property values must NOT be set1 msPassed
alter table: archive partition (not supported)1 msPassed
alter table: cluster by (not supported)1 msPassed
alter table: compact (not supported)1 msPassed
alter table: concatenate (not supported)0 msPassed
alter table: exchange partition (not supported)0 msPassed
alter table: replace columns (not allowed)1 msPassed
alter table: set file format (not allowed)1 msPassed
alter table: skewed by (not supported)0 msPassed
alter table: touch (not supported)0 msPassed
alter table: unarchive partition (not supported)0 msPassed
create table like2 msPassed
duplicate columns in partition specs1 msPassed
duplicate keys in table properties1 msPassed
insert overwrite directory6 msPassed
transform query spec6 msPassed
unsupported operations3 msPassed
use backticks in output of Generator1 msPassed
use backticks in output of Script Transform1 msPassed
use escaped backticks in output of Generator0 msPassed
use native json_tuple instead of hive's UDTF in LATERAL VIEW4 msPassed