Test Result : CatalystTypeConvertersSuite

0 failures (±0)
27 tests (±0)
Took 15 ms.

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Test nameDurationStatus
An array with null handling0 msPassed
SPARK-24571: convert Char to String0 msPassed
SPARK-33390: Make Literal support char array0 msPassed
SPARK-34605: converting DayTimeIntervalType to java.time.Duration1 msPassed
SPARK-34605: converting java.time.Duration to DayTimeIntervalType1 msPassed
SPARK-34615: converting YearMonthIntervalType to java.time.Period1 msPassed
SPARK-34615: converting java.time.Period to YearMonthIntervalType1 msPassed
SPARK-35204: createToCatalystConverter for date1 msPassed
SPARK-35204: createToCatalystConverter for timestamp1 msPassed
SPARK-35664: converting TimestampNTZType to java.time.LocalDateTime1 msPassed
SPARK-35664: converting java.time.LocalDateTime to TimestampNTZType0 msPassed
SPARK-35726: Truncate java.time.Duration by fields of day-time interval type0 msPassed
SPARK-35769: Truncate java.time.Period by fields of year-month interval type0 msPassed
converting DateType to java.time.LocalDate1 msPassed
converting TimestampType to java.time.Instant1 msPassed
converting a wrong value to the array type0 msPassed
converting a wrong value to the decimal type1 msPassed
converting a wrong value to the map type0 msPassed
converting a wrong value to the string type1 msPassed
converting a wrong value to the struct type0 msPassed
converting java.time.Instant to TimestampType1 msPassed
converting java.time.LocalDate to DateType0 msPassed
null handling for individual values1 msPassed
null handling in rows1 msPassed
option handling in convertToCatalyst0 msPassed
option handling in createToCatalystConverter0 msPassed
primitive array handling1 msPassed