Test Result : SubexpressionEliminationSuite

0 failures (±0)
14 tests (±0)
Took 32 ms.

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Test nameDurationStatus
Children of CodegenFallback1 msPassed
Children of conditional expressions: CaseWhen2 msPassed
Children of conditional expressions: Coalesce2 msPassed
Children of conditional expressions: If6 msPassed
Expression Equivalence - Trees1 msPassed
Expression Equivalence - basic1 msPassed
Expression equivalence - non deterministic0 msPassed
SPARK-34723: Correct parameter type for subexpression elimination under whole-stage13 msPassed
SPARK-35410: SubExpr elimination should not include redundant child exprs for conditional expressions0 msPassed
SPARK-35439: Children subexpr should come first than parent subexpr3 msPassed
SPARK-35499: Subexpressions should only be extracted from CaseWhen values with an elseValue0 msPassed
SPARK-35829: SubExprEliminationState keeps children sub exprs1 msPassed
SPARK-35886: PromotePrecision should not overwrite genCode1 msPassed
Semantic equals and hash1 msPassed