Test Result : ResolveSubquerySuite

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14 tests (±0)
Took 0.55 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-17251 Improve `OuterReference` to be `NamedExpression`3 msPassed
SPARK-29145 Support subquery in join condition21 msPassed
SPARK-35618: lateral join with star expansion0.12 secPassed
SPARK-35618: lateral join with star expansion in functions35 msPassed
SPARK-35618: lateral join with struct type star expansion18 msPassed
SPARK-36028: resolve scalar subqueries with outer references in Project53 msPassed
deduplicate lateral subquery21 msPassed
lateral join with ambiguous join conditions22 msPassed
lateral join with unsupported expressions22 msPassed
lateral subquery with struct type37 msPassed
lateral subquery with unresolvable attributes82 msPassed
prefer resolving lateral subquery attributes from the inner query21 msPassed
qualified column names in lateral subquery43 msPassed
resolve nested lateral subqueries45 msPassed