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Test nameDurationStatus
FAIR Scheduler creates a new pool when spark.scheduler.pool property points to a non-existent pool42 msPassed
FAIR Scheduler uses default pool when spark.scheduler.pool property is not set42 msPassed
FIFO Scheduler Test0.1 secPassed
FIFO scheduler uses root pool and not spark.scheduler.pool property63 msPassed
Fair Scheduler Test85 msPassed
Fair Scheduler should build fair scheduler when valid spark.scheduler.allocation.file property is set39 msPassed
Fair Scheduler should throw FileNotFoundException when invalid spark.scheduler.allocation.file property is set40 msPassed
Fair Scheduler should use default file(fairscheduler.xml) if it exists in classpath and spark.scheduler.allocation.file property is not set44 msPassed
Nested Pool Test94 msPassed
Pool should throw IllegalArgumentException when schedulingMode is not supported1 msPassed
SPARK-17663: FairSchedulableBuilder sets default values for blank or invalid datas70 msPassed
SPARK-35083: Support remote scheduler pool file92 msPassed