Test Result : MesosCoarseGrainedSchedulerBackendSuite

0 failures (±0)
37 tests (±0)
Took 11 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
Creates a file-based value secrets.56 msPassed
Creates an env-based reference secrets.65 msPassed
Creates an env-based value secrets.55 msPassed
Creates file-based reference secrets.66 msPassed
Port offer accepted when ephemeral ports are used72 msPassed
Port offer accepted with user defined port numbers75 msPassed
Port offer decline when there is no appropriate range72 msPassed
SPARK-28778 '--hostname' shouldn't be set for executor when virtual network is enabled0.36 secPassed
docker settings are reflected in created tasks85 msPassed
failover timeout is set in created scheduler driver0.11 secPassed
force-pull-image option is disabled by default67 msPassed
honors spark.mesos.containerizer="mesos"70 msPassed
honors unset spark.mesos.containerizer67 msPassed
mesos assigns tasks round-robin on offers64 msPassed
mesos creates multiple executors on a single agent78 msPassed
mesos declines offers that violate attribute constraints69 msPassed
mesos declines offers with a filter when maxCores not a multiple of executor.cores0.1 secPassed
mesos declines offers with a filter when reached spark.cores.max0.1 secPassed
mesos declines offers with a filter when reached spark.cores.max with executor.cores75 msPassed
mesos does not acquire gpus if not specified87 msPassed
mesos does not acquire more than spark.cores.max75 msPassed
mesos does not acquire more than spark.mesos.gpus.max67 msPassed
mesos doesn't register twice with the same shuffle service68 msPassed
mesos kills an executor when told0.17 secPassed
mesos sets configurable labels on tasks62 msPassed
mesos sets task name to spark.app.name57 msPassed
mesos supports disabling fetcher cache59 msPassed
mesos supports killing and limiting executors2.6 secPassed
mesos supports killing and relaunching tasks with executors92 msPassed
mesos supports setting fetcher cache70 msPassed
mesos supports spark.executor.cores86 msPassed
mesos supports spark.executor.uri56 msPassed
mesos supports spark.mesos.network.name and spark.mesos.network.labels63 msPassed
mesos supports unset spark.executor.cores0.13 secPassed
supports data locality with dynamic allocation6.1 secPassed
supports spark.scheduler.minRegisteredResourcesRatio0.15 secPassed
weburi is set in created scheduler driver0.1 secPassed