Test Result : StreamingContextSuite

0 failures , 1 skipped
39 tests
Took 39 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
Creating an InputDStream but not using it should not crash0.99 secPassed
DStream and generated RDD creation sites0.58 secPassed
SPARK-18560 Receiver data should be deserialized properly9.8 secPassed
SPARK-22955 graceful shutdown shouldn't lead to job generation error2 secPassed
SPARK-28709 registering and de-registering of progressListener0.22 secPassed
awaitTermination2.2 secPassed
awaitTermination after stop0.11 secPassed
awaitTermination with error in job generation0.46 secPassed
awaitTermination with error in task0.55 secPassed
awaitTerminationOrTimeout1 secPassed
checkPoint from conf0.12 secPassed
from checkpoint0.34 secPassed
from conf with settings0.46 secPassed
from existing SparkContext0.11 secPassed
from existing SparkContext with settings0.17 secPassed
from no conf + spark home81 msPassed
from no conf + spark home + env0.11 secPassed
from no conf constructor70 msPassed
getActive and getActiveOrCreate0.28 secPassed
getActiveOrCreate with checkpoint0.97 secPassed
getOrCreate0.61 secPassed
multiple streaming contexts67 msPassed
queueStream doesn't support checkpointing0.31 secPassed
registering and de-registering of streamingSource0.31 secPassed
start after stop85 msPassed
start and stop state check91 msPassed
start failure should stop internal components95 msPassed
start multiple times64 msPassed
start should set local properties of streaming jobs correctly0.34 secPassed
start with non-serializable DStream checkpoints0.14 secPassed
state matching0 msPassed
stop before start73 msPassed
stop gracefully-1 msSkipped
stop gracefully even if a receiver misses StopReceiver0.57 secPassed
stop multiple times68 msPassed
stop only streaming context0.21 secPassed
stop slow receiver gracefully15 secPassed
stop(stopSparkContext=true) after stop(stopSparkContext=false)0.1 secPassed
throw exception on using active or stopped context89 msPassed