Test Result : BasicOperationsSuite

0 failures
39 tests
Took 17 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
cogroup0.39 secPassed
count0.43 secPassed
countByValue0.29 secPassed
filter0.25 secPassed
flatMap0.31 secPassed
flatMapValues0.33 secPassed
fullOuterJoin0.34 secPassed
glom0.34 secPassed
groupByKey0.32 secPassed
join0.37 secPassed
leftOuterJoin0.43 secPassed
map0.47 secPassed
mapPartitions0.39 secPassed
mapValues0.32 secPassed
rdd cleanup - input blocks and persisted RDDs2 secPassed
rdd cleanup - map and window0.35 secPassed
rdd cleanup - updateStateByKey0.61 secPassed
reduce0.38 secPassed
reduceByKey0.3 secPassed
repartition (fewer partitions)0.42 secPassed
repartition (more partitions)0.53 secPassed
rightOuterJoin0.37 secPassed
slice2.1 secPassed
slice - has not been initialized85 msPassed
transform0.3 secPassed
transform0.31 secPassed
transform with NULL0.12 secPassed
transform with input stream return None0.17 secPassed
transform with input stream return None0.16 secPassed
transformWith0.37 secPassed
transformWith with input stream return None0.15 secPassed
union0.32 secPassed
union0.37 secPassed
union with input stream return None0.18 secPassed
updateStateByKey0.44 secPassed
updateStateByKey - object lifecycle0.39 secPassed
updateStateByKey - simple with initial value RDD0.4 secPassed
updateStateByKey - testing time stamps as input0.55 secPassed
updateStateByKey - with initial value RDD0.35 secPassed