Test Result : HiveThriftBinaryServerSuite

0 failures , 1 skipped
26 tests
Took 35 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
Checks Hive version82 msPassed
Checks Hive version via SET94 msPassed
Checks Hive version via SET -v0.22 secPassed
GetInfo Thrift API0.18 secPassed
JDBC query execution2.5 secPassed
SPARK-11043 check operation log root directory21 msPassed
SPARK-11595 ADD JAR with input path having URL scheme1.2 secPassed
SPARK-12143 regression: Binary type support1.1 secPassed
SPARK-16563 ThriftCLIService FetchResults repeat fetching result10 secPassed
SPARK-24829 Checks cast as float0.13 secPassed
SPARK-28463: Thriftserver throws BigDecimal incompatible with HiveDecimal0.16 secPassed
SPARK-29492: use add jar in sync mode1.6 secPassed
SPARK-3004 regression: result set containing NULL1.3 secPassed
SPARK-31863 Session conf should persist between Thriftserver worker threads2.7 secPassed
SPARK-4292 regression: result set iterator issue1.1 secPassed
SPARK-4309 regression: Date type support1.3 secPassed
SPARK-4407 regression: Complex type support1.3 secPassed
Support beeline --hiveconf and --hivevar1.7 secPassed
Support interval type0.2 secPassed
ThriftCLIService FetchResults FETCH_FIRST, FETCH_NEXT, FETCH_PRIOR0.17 secPassed
enabled=true0.22 secPassed
pipeout file when the Hive Session closed29 msPassed
test add jar3 secPassed
test jdbc cancel-1 msSkipped
test multiple session3.2 secPassed
timeZone0.16 secPassed