Test Result : HiveUDFSuite

0 failures
33 tests
Took 20 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
Call the function registered in the not-current database0.5 secPassed
Generic UDAF aggregates4.7 secPassed
Hive Stateful UDF0.54 secPassed
Hive UDF in group by0.35 secPassed
Hive UDFs with insufficient number of input arguments should trigger an analysis error90 msPassed
Max/Min on named_struct1.2 secPassed
SPARK-11522 select input_file_name from non-parquet table2.9 secPassed
SPARK-25768 constant argument expecting Hive UDF0.29 secPassed
SPARK-2693 udaf aggregates test1.3 secPassed
SPARK-28012 Hive UDF supports struct type foldable expression0.1 secPassed
SPARK-32877: add test for Hive UDF complex decimal type0 msPassed
SPARK-4785 When called with arguments referring column fields, PMOD throws NPE0.28 secPassed
SPARK-6409 UDAF Average test0.52 secPassed
Show persistent functions0.64 secPassed
Temp function has dots in the names0.34 secPassed
UDFIntegerToString0.3 secPassed
UDFListListInt0.29 secPassed
UDFListString0.25 secPassed
UDFRawList0.13 secPassed
UDFRawMap0.13 secPassed
UDFStringString0.32 secPassed
UDFToIntIntMap0.28 secPassed
UDFToListInt0.27 secPassed
UDFToListMapStringListInt0.28 secPassed
UDFToListString0.29 secPassed
UDFToStringIntMap0.26 secPassed
UDFTwoListList0.22 secPassed
UDFWildcardList0.12 secPassed
UDTF0.91 secPassed
hive struct udf0.75 secPassed
non-deterministic children of UDF40 msPassed
permanent UDTF0.5 secPassed
spark sql udf test that returns a struct0.75 secPassed