Test Result : BroadcastJoinSuite

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14 tests
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Test nameDurationStatus
Broadcast timeout5 secPassed
SPARK-23192: broadcast hint should be retained after using the cached data21 msPassed
SPARK-23214: cached data should not carry extra hint info25 msPassed
Shouldn't bias towards build right if user didn't specify0.1 secPassed
Shouldn't change broadcast join buildSide if user clearly specified0.11 secPassed
broadcast hint in SQL54 msPassed
broadcast hint isn't bothered by a disabled authBroadcastJoinThreshold20 msPassed
broadcast hint isn't bothered by authBroadcastJoinThreshold set to low values19 msPassed
broadcast hint isn't propagated after a join46 msPassed
broadcast hint programming API0.12 secPassed
join key rewritten0 msPassed
unsafe broadcast hash join updates peak execution memory5 secPassed
unsafe broadcast hash outer join updates peak execution memory0.15 secPassed
unsafe broadcast left semi join updates peak execution memory0.16 secPassed