Test Result : TimestampFormatterSuite

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22 tests
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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-30958: parse timestamp with negative year3 msPassed
SPARK-31557: rebasing in legacy formatters/parsers13 msPassed
SPARK-31939: Fix Parsing day of year when year field pattern is missing10 msPassed
SPARK-32424: avoid silent data change when timestamp overflows2 msPassed
case insensitive parsing of am and pm1 msPassed
check result differences for datetime formatting3 msPassed
explicitly forbidden datetime patterns5 msPassed
format fraction of second2 msPassed
format timestamps using time zones8 msPassed
formatting negative years with default pattern3 msPassed
formatting timestamp strings up to microsecond precision7 msPassed
missing am/pm field2 msPassed
missing date fields1 msPassed
missing hour field1 msPassed
missing time fields0 msPassed
missing year field with invalid date1 msPassed
parsing hour with various patterns6 msPassed
parsing timestamp strings with various seconds fractions12 msPassed
parsing timestamps using time zones2 msPassed
roundtrip micros -> timestamp -> micros using timezones33 msPassed
roundtrip timestamp -> micros -> timestamp using timezones14 msPassed
special timestamp values12 msPassed