Test Result : JsonExpressionsSuite

0 failures
85 tests
Took 1.4 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
$12 msPassed
$['key with spaces']7 msPassed
$['store']['bicycle']9 msPassed
SPARK-16548: character conversion7 msPassed
SPARK-16548: json_tuple - invalid json with leading nulls1 msPassed
SPARK-19543: from_json empty input column12 msPassed
SPARK-20549: from_json bad UTF-811 msPassed
SPARK-21513: to_json support map[string, integer] to json15 msPassed
SPARK-21513: to_json support map[string, struct] to json18 msPassed
SPARK-21513: to_json support map[struct, struct] to json15 msPassed
SPARK-21677: json_tuple throws NullPointException when column is null as string type1 msPassed
SPARK-21804: json_tuple returns null values within repeated columns except the first one0 msPassed
SPARK-24709: infer schema of json strings68 msPassed
b6 msPassed
b7 msPassed
basket[*]9 msPassed
basket[*][*]6 msPassed
basket[*][0]8 msPassed
basket[0][*]9 msPassed
basket[0][1]10 msPassed
bicycle13 msPassed
bicycle60 msPassed
book10 msPassed
book[*]11 msPassed
book[0]14 msPassed
book[10]8 msPassed
category12 msPassed
category12 msPassed
escape8 msPassed
fb:testid6 msPassed
from/to json - interval support45 msPassed
from_json64 msPassed
from_json - input=array of single object, schema=struct, output=single row15 msPassed
from_json - input=array, schema=array, output=array31 msPassed
from_json - input=array, schema=struct, output=single row42 msPassed
from_json - input=empty array, schema=array, output=empty array11 msPassed
from_json - input=empty array, schema=struct, output=single row with null15 msPassed
from_json - input=empty object, schema=array, output=array of single row with null13 msPassed
from_json - input=empty object, schema=struct, output=single row with null12 msPassed
from_json - input=object, schema=array, output=array of single row15 msPassed
from_json - invalid data20 msPassed
from_json escaping9 msPassed
from_json missing fields41 msPassed
from_json null input column7 msPassed
from_json with timestamp0.23 secPassed
get_json_object escaping9 msPassed
infer schema of JSON strings by using options20 msPassed
inferring the decimal type using locale48 msPassed
isbn10 msPassed
json_tuple - hive key 15 msPassed
json_tuple - hive key 21 msPassed
json_tuple - hive key 2 (mix of foldable fields)1 msPassed
json_tuple - hive key 31 msPassed
json_tuple - hive key 3 (nonfoldable fields)1 msPassed
json_tuple - hive key 3 (nonfoldable json)1 msPassed
json_tuple - hive key 4 - null json1 msPassed
json_tuple - hive key 5 - null and empty fields0 msPassed
json_tuple - hive key 6 - invalid json (array)0 msPassed
json_tuple - invalid json (invalid json)0 msPassed
json_tuple - invalid json (no object end)1 msPassed
json_tuple - invalid json (object start only)0 msPassed
json_tuple - preserve newlines0 msPassed
json_tuple escaping11 msPassed
no_recursive8 msPassed
non foldable literal7 msPassed
non_exist_key6 msPassed
non_exist_key6 msPassed
non_exist_key7 msPassed
parse date with locale32 msPassed
parse decimals using locale77 msPassed
preserve newlines6 msPassed
reader9 msPassed
some big value8 msPassed
store['bicycle']11 msPassed
to_json - array11 msPassed
to_json - array with maps15 msPassed
to_json - array with single empty row11 msPassed
to_json - array with single map14 msPassed
to_json - empty array9 msPassed
to_json - struct17 msPassed
to_json escaping1 msPassed
to_json null input column7 msPassed
to_json with timestamp52 msPassed
verify corrupt column17 msPassed
zip code6 msPassed