Test Result : CsvExpressionsSuite

0 failures
17 tests
Took 0.71 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
forcing schema nullability29 msPassed
from/to csv with intervals44 msPassed
from_csv83 msPassed
from_csv - invalid data48 msPassed
from_csv bad UTF-811 msPassed
from_csv empty input column12 msPassed
from_csv missing columns50 msPassed
from_csv null input column26 msPassed
from_csv with timestamp0.21 secPassed
infer schema of CSV strings37 msPassed
infer schema of CSV strings by using options19 msPassed
parse date with locale43 msPassed
to_csv - struct40 msPassed
to_csv null input column7 msPassed
to_csv with timestamp34 msPassed
unsupported mode4 msPassed
verify corrupt column14 msPassed