Test Result : SparkListenerSuite

0 failures
19 tests
Took 3 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
SparkListener moves on if a listener throws an exception12 msPassed
StageInfo with fewer tasks than partitions87 msPassed
add and remove listeners to/from LiveListenerBus queues3 msPassed
basic creation and shutdown of LiveListenerBus3 msPassed
basic creation of StageInfo0.21 secPassed
basic creation of StageInfo with shuffle0.21 secPassed
event queue size can be configued through spark conf1 msPassed
extraListeners0.1 secPassed
interrupt within listener is handled correctly: set Thread interrupted21 msPassed
interrupt within listener is handled correctly: throw interrupt24 msPassed
local metrics1.6 secPassed
metrics for dropped listener events5 msPassed
onTaskEnd() should be called for all started tasks, even after job has been killed86 msPassed
onTaskGettingResult() called when result fetched remotely0.32 secPassed
onTaskGettingResult() not called when result sent directly91 msPassed
removeListenerOnError: set Thread interrupted12 msPassed
removeListenerOnError: throw interrupt13 msPassed
stop in listener0.12 secPassed
stop() waits for the event queue to completely drain4 msPassed