Test Result : BarrierTaskContextSuite

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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-31485: barrier stage should fail if only partial tasks are launched4.2 secPassed
barrier task killed, interrupt6.3 secPassed
barrier task killed, no interrupt7.7 secPassed
global sync by barrier() call7.4 secPassed
share messages with allGather() call7.3 secPassed
successively sync with allGather and barrier8.9 secPassed
support multiple barrier() call within a single task9.2 secPassed
throw exception if barrier() call doesn't happen on every task6.6 secPassed
throw exception if the number of barrier() calls are not the same on every task8.8 secPassed
throw exception if we attempt to synchronize with different blocking calls6.7 secPassed
throw exception on barrier() call timeout6.6 secPassed