Test Result : JoinSuite

0 failures (±0)
32 tests (±0)
Took 12 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
NaN and -0.0 in join keys0.72 secPassed
SPARK-21492: cleanupResource without code generation0.15 secPassed
SPARK-22141: Propagate empty relation before checking Cartesian products0.25 secPassed
SPARK-22445 Respect stream-side child's needCopyResult in BroadcastHashJoin0.27 secPassed
SPARK-24495: Join may return wrong result when having duplicated equal-join keys0.3 secPassed
SPARK-26352: join reordering should not change the order of columns0.52 secPassed
SPARK-27485: EnsureRequirements should not fail join with duplicate keys0.26 secPassed
SPARK-28323: PythonUDF should be able to use in join condition0.75 secPassed
SPARK-28345: PythonUDF predicate should be able to pushdown to join0.16 secPassed
SPARK-29850: sort-merge-join an empty table should not memory leak0.12 secPassed
big inner join, 4 matches per row0.38 secPassed
broadcasted existence join operator selection90 msPassed
broadcasted hash join operator selection97 msPassed
broadcasted hash outer join operator selection0.11 secPassed
cartesian product join0.19 secPassed
cross join detection0.76 secPassed
cross join with broadcast0.58 secPassed
equi-join is hash-join12 msPassed
full outer join1.5 secPassed
inner join ON, one match per row0.15 secPassed
inner join where, one match per row0.22 secPassed
inner join, no matches0.17 secPassed
inner join, where, multiple matches0.15 secPassed
join operator selection0.25 secPassed
left outer join1.1 secPassed
left semi join0.15 secPassed
multiple-key equi-join is hash-join11 msPassed
outer broadcast hash join should not throw NPE0.15 secPassed
right outer join1.1 secPassed
test SortMergeJoin (with spill)0.64 secPassed
test SortMergeJoin (without spill)0.53 secPassed
test SortMergeJoin output ordering61 msPassed