Test Result : JoinHintSuite

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Took 1.5 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-32220: Non Cartesian Product Join Result Correct with SHUFFLE_REPLICATE_NL hint0.49 secPassed
Verify that the EliminatedResolvedHint rule is idempotent25 msPassed
hint merge74 msPassed
hint merge - SQL86 msPassed
hint scope44 msPassed
hints prevent cost-based join reorder23 msPassed
hints prevent join reorder0.14 secPassed
intersect/except30 msPassed
join strategy hint - broadcast0.19 secPassed
join strategy hint - shuffle-hash0.13 secPassed
join strategy hint - shuffle-merge0.15 secPassed
join strategy hint - shuffle-replicate-nl91 msPassed
multiple joins35 msPassed
nested hint31 msPassed
single join26 msPassed