Test Result : DatasetSuite

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160 tests (±0)
Took 22 sec.

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Test nameDurationStatus
Check KeyValueGroupedDataset toString: Named KV-pair13 msPassed
Check KeyValueGroupedDataset toString: Single data12 msPassed
Check KeyValueGroupedDataset toString: Unnamed KV-pair27 msPassed
Check KeyValueGroupedDataset toString: over length schema18 msPassed
Check RelationalGroupedDataset toString: Single data5 msPassed
Check RelationalGroupedDataset toString: over length schema25 msPassed
Dataset should support flat input object to be null21 msPassed
Dataset should throw RuntimeException if top-level product input object is null5 msPassed
Dataset.checkpoint() - basic (eager = false, reliable = false)0.12 secPassed
Dataset.checkpoint() - basic (eager = false, reliable = true)0.18 secPassed
Dataset.checkpoint() - basic (eager = true, reliable = false)0.13 secPassed
Dataset.checkpoint() - basic (eager = true, reliable = true)0.31 secPassed
Dataset.checkpoint() - should preserve partitioning information (eager = false, reliable = false)0.26 secPassed
Dataset.checkpoint() - should preserve partitioning information (eager = false, reliable = true)0.32 secPassed
Dataset.checkpoint() - should preserve partitioning information (eager = true, reliable = false)0.27 secPassed
Dataset.checkpoint() - should preserve partitioning information (eager = true, reliable = true)0.45 secPassed
Java encoder91 msPassed
Java encoder self join56 msPassed
Kryo encoder0.17 secPassed
Kryo encoder self join0.17 secPassed
Kryo encoder: check the schema mismatch when converting DataFrame to Dataset12 msPassed
REGEX column specification0.47 secPassed
SPARK-11436: we should rebind right encoder when join 2 datasets75 msPassed
SPARK-11894: Incorrect results are returned when using null99 msPassed
SPARK-12404: Datatype Helper Serializability56 msPassed
SPARK-12478: top level null field0.16 secPassed
SPARK-13440: Resolving option fields77 msPassed
SPARK-13540 Dataset of nested class defined in Scala object33 msPassed
SPARK-14000: case class with tuple type field58 msPassed
SPARK-14554: Dataset.map may generate wrong java code for wide table2.8 secPassed
SPARK-14696: implicit encoders for boxed types52 msPassed
SPARK-14838: estimating sizeInBytes in operators with ObjectProducer shouldn't fail0.21 secPassed
SPARK-15097: implicits on dataset's spark can be imported42 msPassed
SPARK-15112: EmbedDeserializerInFilter should not optimize plan fragment that changes schema91 msPassed
SPARK-15381: physical object operator should define `reference` correctly80 msPassed
SPARK-15441: Dataset outer join0.11 secPassed
SPARK-15550 Dataset.show() should show contents of the underlying logical plan93 msPassed
SPARK-15550 Dataset.show() should show inner nested products as rows74 msPassed
SPARK-15632: typed filter should preserve the underlying logical schema4 msPassed
SPARK-16097: Encoders.tuple should handle null object correctly71 msPassed
SPARK-16686: Dataset.sample with seed results shouldn't depend on downstream usage0.16 secPassed
SPARK-16853: select, case class and tuple0.14 secPassed
SPARK-16995: flat mapping on Dataset containing a column created with lit/expr0.24 secPassed
SPARK-17460: the sizeInBytes in Statistics shouldn't overflow to a negative number0.17 secPassed
SPARK-18125: Spark generated code causes CompileException0.47 secPassed
SPARK-18189: Fix serialization issue in KeyValueGroupedDataset0.15 secPassed
SPARK-18284: Serializer should have correct nullable value0.18 secPassed
SPARK-18717: code generation works for both scala.collection.Map and scala.collection.imutable.Map0.26 secPassed
SPARK-18746: add implicit encoder for BigDecimal, date, timestamp0.27 secPassed
SPARK-19896: cannot have circular references in case class10 msPassed
SPARK-20125: option of map39 msPassed
SPARK-20399: do not unescaped regex pattern when ESCAPED_STRING_LITERALS is enabled0.16 secPassed
SPARK-21538: Attribute resolution inconsistency in Dataset API0.31 secPassed
SPARK-21567: Dataset should work with type alias0.3 secPassed
SPARK-22442: Generate correct field names for special characters0.25 secPassed
SPARK-22472: add null check for top-level primitive values0.63 secPassed
SPARK-23025: Add support for null type in scala reflection40 msPassed
SPARK-23614: Union produces incorrect results when caching is used0.31 secPassed
SPARK-23627: provide isEmpty in DataSet33 msPassed
SPARK-23835: null primitive data type should throw NullPointerException31 msPassed
SPARK-24548: Dataset with tuple encoders should have correct schema0.12 secPassed
SPARK-24569: Option of primitive types are mistakenly mapped to struct type0.11 secPassed
SPARK-24571: filtering of string values by char literal0.12 secPassed
SPARK-24762: Enable top-level Option of Product encoders88 msPassed
SPARK-24762: Resolving Option[Product] field53 msPassed
SPARK-24762: joinWith on Option[Product]0.11 secPassed
SPARK-24762: select Option[Product] field0.12 secPassed
SPARK-24762: typed agg on Option[Product] type0.26 secPassed
SPARK-25108 Fix the show method to display the full width character alignment problem77 msPassed
SPARK-25153: Improve error messages for columns with dots/periods64 msPassed
SPARK-25942: typed aggregation on primitive type0.12 secPassed
SPARK-25942: typed aggregation on product type0.13 secPassed
SPARK-26085: fix key attribute name for atomic type for typed aggregation11 msPassed
SPARK-26233: serializer should enforce decimal precision and scale0.18 secPassed
SPARK-26366: return nulls which are not filtered in except0.16 secPassed
SPARK-26690: checkpoints should be executed with an execution id44 msPassed
SPARK-26706: Fix Cast.mayTruncate for bytes3 msPassed
SPARK-31854: Invoke in MapElementsExec should not propagate null0.11 secPassed
SPARK-35652: joinWith on two table generated from same one performing a cartesian join, which should be inner join61 msPassed
SPARK-36210: withColumns preserve insertion ordering80 msPassed
SPARK-8288: class with only a companion object constructor51 msPassed
SparkSession.active should be the same instance after dataset operations3 msPassed
as case class - reordered fields by name39 msPassed
as case class - tail34 msPassed
as case class - take39 msPassed
as case class / collect56 msPassed
as map of case class - reorder fields by name55 msPassed
as seq of case class - reorder fields by name54 msPassed
as tuple41 msPassed
change encoder with compatible schema50 msPassed
checkAnswer should compare map correctly86 msPassed
coalesce, repartition0.15 secPassed
cogroup0.16 secPassed
cogroup with complex data0.17 secPassed
cogroup's left and right side has field with same name0.26 secPassed
collect, first, and take should use encoders for serialization55 msPassed
createTempView13 msPassed
dataset.rdd with generic case class0.13 secPassed
dropDuplicates0.35 secPassed
dropDuplicates: columns with same column name0.17 secPassed
emptyDataset31 msPassed
filter53 msPassed
filter and then select59 msPassed
foreach38 msPassed
foreachPartition40 msPassed
give nice error message when the real number of fields doesn't match encoder schema37 msPassed
groupBy function, flatMap0.1 secPassed
groupBy function, keys0.15 secPassed
groupBy function, map0.18 secPassed
groupBy function, mapValues, flatMap0.31 secPassed
groupBy function, reduce0.13 secPassed
groupBy single field class, count0.15 secPassed
groupBy.as0.21 secPassed
grouping key and grouped value has field with same name0.2 secPassed
identity map for primitive arrays0.26 secPassed
implicit encoder for LocalDate and Instant0.13 secPassed
isStreaming returns false for static Dataset16 msPassed
isStreaming returns true after static and streaming Dataset join11 msPassed
isStreaming returns true for streaming Dataset2 msPassed
joinWith class with primitive, toDF0.11 secPassed
joinWith join types13 msPassed
joinWith tuple with primitive, expression69 msPassed
joinWith, flat schema78 msPassed
map65 msPassed
map and group by with class data0.16 secPassed
map with type change with less attributes82 msPassed
map with type change with the exact matched number of attributes95 msPassed
mapped dataset should resolve duplicated attributes for self join0.31 secPassed
multi-level joinWith0.13 secPassed
range0.21 secPassed
reduce37 msPassed
row nullability mismatch43 msPassed
runtime null check for RowEncoder42 msPassed
runtime nullability check0.12 secPassed
sample fraction should be on interval [0, 1] without replacement5 msPassed
sample fraction should not be negative with replacement45 msPassed
sample with replacement51 msPassed
sample without replacement31 msPassed
select43 msPassed
select 223 msPassed
select 2, primitive and class58 msPassed
select 2, primitive and class, fields reordered66 msPassed
select 2, primitive and tuple61 msPassed
self join84 msPassed
support inner class in Dataset78 msPassed
tail should not accept minus value3 msPassed
tail with different numbers0.2 secPassed
toDS35 msPassed
toDS should compare map with byte array keys correctly0.16 secPassed
toDS with RDD59 msPassed
toString13 msPassed
typed aggregation: expr0.2 secPassed
typed aggregation: expr, expr0.18 secPassed
typed aggregation: expr, expr, expr0.18 secPassed
typed aggregation: expr, expr, expr, expr0.22 secPassed
typed aggregation: expr, expr, expr, expr, expr0.39 secPassed
typed aggregation: expr, expr, expr, expr, expr, expr0.36 secPassed
typed aggregation: expr, expr, expr, expr, expr, expr, expr0.35 secPassed
typed aggregation: expr, expr, expr, expr, expr, expr, expr, expr0.24 secPassed
verify mismatching field names fail with a good error17 msPassed