Test Result : DataFrameWriterV2Suite

0 failures (±0)
31 tests (±0)
Took 2.1 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
Append: basic append0.14 secPassed
Append: by name not position50 msPassed
Append: fail if table does not exist2 msPassed
Create: basic behavior0.1 secPassed
Create: fail if table already exists11 msPassed
Create: identity partitioned table71 msPassed
Create: partitioned by bucket(4, id)22 msPassed
Create: partitioned by days(ts)18 msPassed
Create: partitioned by hours(ts)19 msPassed
Create: partitioned by months(ts)19 msPassed
Create: partitioned by years(ts)26 msPassed
Create: with property0.13 secPassed
Create: with using64 msPassed
CreateOrReplace: table does not exist50 msPassed
CreateOrReplace: table exists0.11 secPassed
DataFrameWriteV2 encode identifiers correctly0.13 secPassed
Overwrite: by name not position56 msPassed
Overwrite: fail if table does not exist2 msPassed
Overwrite: overwrite by expression: id = 30.18 secPassed
Overwrite: overwrite by expression: true0.12 secPassed
OverwritePartitions: by name not position80 msPassed
OverwritePartitions: fail if table does not exist4 msPassed
OverwritePartitions: overwrite all rows if not partitioned0.13 secPassed
OverwritePartitions: overwrite conflicting partitions0.14 secPassed
Replace: basic behavior0.13 secPassed
Replace: fail if table does not exist7 msPassed
Replace: partitioned table0.11 secPassed
SPARK-30289 Create: partitioned by bucket(4, ts.timezone)33 msPassed
SPARK-30289 Create: partitioned by multiple transforms on nested columns32 msPassed
SPARK-30289 Create: partitioned by nested column0.1 secPassed
SPARK-33136 output resolved on complex types for V2 write commands9 msPassed