Test Result : DataFrameStatSuite

0 failures (±0) , 1 skipped (±0)
22 tests (±0)
Took 9.5 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
Bloom filter0.12 secPassed
Frequent Items0.35 secPassed
Frequent Items 284 msPassed
SPARK-15709: Prevent `UnsupportedOperationException: empty.min` in `freqItems`10 msPassed
SPARK-28818: Respect original column nullability in `freqItems`99 msPassed
SPARK-30532 stat functions to understand fully-qualified column name0.31 secPassed
approx quantile 4: test for Int overflow0 msSkipped
approximate quantile1.4 secPassed
approximate quantile 2: test relativeError greater than 1 return the same result as 11.1 secPassed
approximate quantile 3: test on NaN and null values0.23 secPassed
countMinSketch0.1 secPassed
covariance0.14 secPassed
crosstab0.3 secPassed
pearson correlation0.15 secPassed
randomSplit1.7 secPassed
randomSplit on reordered partitions1.1 secPassed
sample with replacement85 msPassed
sample without replacement76 msPassed
sampleBy0.4 secPassed
sampleBy multiple columns0.3 secPassed
sampleBy one column0.32 secPassed
special crosstab elements (., '', null, ``)0.88 secPassed