Test Result : PlanParserSuite

0 failures (±0)
38 tests (±0)
Took 0.16 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
CTE with column alias1 msPassed
Invalid insert constructs in the query2 msPassed
OVERLAY function3 msPassed
SPARK-20311 range(N) as alias1 msPassed
SPARK-20841 Support table column aliases in FROM clause1 msPassed
SPARK-20854: multiple hints2 msPassed
SPARK-20854: select hint syntax with expressions2 msPassed
SPARK-20962 Support subquery column aliases in FROM clause1 msPassed
SPARK-20963 Support aliases for join relations in FROM clause1 msPassed
TRIM function9 msPassed
aggregation8 msPassed
case insensitive0 msPassed
common table expressions4 msPassed
create/alter view as insert into table2 msPassed
explain1 msPassed
hive-style single-FROM statement6 msPassed
inline table3 msPassed
insert into3 msPassed
joins23 msPassed
lateral view9 msPassed
limit2 msPassed
multi select query7 msPassed
precedence of set operations5 msPassed
query organization14 msPassed
relation in v2 catalog2 msPassed
sampled relations5 msPassed
scalar sub-query3 msPassed
select hint syntax9 msPassed
set operations11 msPassed
simple select query5 msPassed
simple select query with !> and !<1 msPassed
single comment case one1 msPassed
single comment case two1 msPassed
statement containing terminal semicolons2 msPassed
sub-query7 msPassed
table reference2 msPassed
table valued function3 msPassed
window spec2 msPassed