Test Result : JoinReorderSuite

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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-26352: join reordering should not change the order of attributes13 msPassed
SPARK-33935: betterThan should be consistent0 msPassed
don't reorder if hints present18 msPassed
don't reorder if project contains non-attribute10 msPassed
keep the order of attributes in the final output34 msPassed
put unjoinable item at the end and reorder 3 joinable tables10 msPassed
reorder 3 tables12 msPassed
reorder 3 tables - one of the leaf items is a project10 msPassed
reorder 3 tables with pure-attribute project9 msPassed
reorder 4 tables (bushy tree)11 msPassed
reorder below and above the hint node18 msPassed
reorder recursively12 msPassed