Test Result : ExecutorMonitorSuite

0 failures (±0)
12 tests (±0)
Took 27 ms.

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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-27677: don't track blocks stored on disk when using shuffle service0 msPassed
SPARK-28455: avoid overflow in timeout calculation0 msPassed
SPARK-28839: Avoids NPE in context cleaner when shuffle service is on1 msPassed
SPARK-4951, SPARK-26927: handle out of order task start events1 msPassed
basic executor timeout4 msPassed
handle timeouts correctly with multiple executors0 msPassed
keeps track of stored blocks for each rdd and split1 msPassed
shuffle block tracking11 msPassed
shuffle tracking with multiple executors and concurrent jobs1 msPassed
track executors pending for removal3 msPassed
track tasks running on executor3 msPassed
use appropriate time out depending on whether blocks are stored2 msPassed