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Test nameDurationStatus
:replay should work correctly4.3 secPassed
SPARK-15236: use Hive catalog2.9 secPassed
SPARK-15236: use in-memory catalog2.4 secPassed
SPARK-26633: ExecutorClassLoader.getResourceAsStream find REPL classes5.3 secPassed
SPARK-30167: Log4j configuration for REPL should override root logger properly2.7 secPassed
broadcast vars3.2 secPassed
define case class and create Dataset together with paste mode3.4 secPassed
line wrapper only initialized once when used as encoder outer scope3.2 secPassed
propagation of local properties0.63 secPassed
spark-shell should find imported types in class constructors and extends clause2.3 secPassed
spark-shell should shadow val/def definitions correctly5.7 secPassed