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Test nameDurationStatus
SPARK-23562 RFormula handleInvalid should handle invalid values in non-string columns.0.6 secPassed
Use Vectors as inputs to formula.0.42 secPassed
allow empty label0.21 secPassed
allow missing label column for test datasets0.18 secPassed
attribute generation0.27 secPassed
encodes string terms0.4 secPassed
encodes string terms with string indexer order type1.1 secPassed
factor factor interaction0.6 secPassed
factor numeric interaction0.28 secPassed
features column already exists13 msPassed
force to index label even it is numeric type0.47 secPassed
formula w/o intercept, we should output reference category when encoding string terms0.74 secPassed
handle unseen features or labels2 secPassed
index string label0.45 secPassed
label column already exists and forceIndexLabel was set with false0.21 secPassed
label column already exists but forceIndexLabel was set with true3 msPassed
label column already exists but is not numeric type27 msPassed
numeric interaction0.25 secPassed
params0 msPassed
read/write: RFormula0.12 secPassed
read/write: RFormulaModel3 secPassed
should support all NumericType labels90 msPassed
test consistency with R when encoding string terms0.26 secPassed
transform numeric data0.25 secPassed
vector attribute generation0.29 secPassed
vector attribute generation with unnamed input attrs0.18 secPassed