Test Result : SparkSubmitSuite

0 failures (±0) , 2 skipped (±0)
52 tests (±0)
Took 1 min 12 sec.

All Tests

Test nameDurationStatus
Avoid re-upload remote resources in yarn client mode79 msPassed
SPARK-21568 ConsoleProgressBar should be enabled only in shells0.35 secPassed
SPARK-24241: do not fail fast if executor num is 0 when dynamic allocation is enabled2 msPassed
SPARK-27575: yarn confs should merge new value with existing value67 msPassed
SPARK-32119: Jars and files should be loaded when Executors launch for plugins15 secPassed
SPARK_CONF_DIR overrides spark-defaults.conf9 msPassed
ambiguous archive mapping results in error message21 msPassed
automatically sets mainClass if primary resource is S3 JAR in client mode0.33 secPassed
automatically sets mainClass if primary resource is S3 JAR in cluster mode0.25 secPassed
avoid downloading remote resource if it is supported by yarn service67 msPassed
correctly builds R packages included in a jar with --packages0 msSkipped
download list of files to local60 msPassed
download one file to local66 msPassed
download remote resource if it is not supported by yarn service81 msPassed
downloadFile - file doesn't exist67 msPassed
downloadFile - invalid url44 msPassed
downloadFile does not download local file33 msPassed
error informatively when mainClass isn't set and S3 JAR doesn't exist62 msPassed
force download for all the schemes49 msPassed
force download from blacklisted schemes62 msPassed
get a Spark configuration from arguments1 msPassed
handle binary specified but not class0.3 secPassed
handles YARN client mode52 msPassed
handles YARN cluster mode36 msPassed
handles arguments to user program1 msPassed
handles arguments to user program with name collision0 msPassed
handles arguments with --key=val3 msPassed
handles confs with flag equivalents19 msPassed
handles k8s cluster mode20 msPassed
handles legacy standalone cluster mode15 msPassed
handles mesos client mode71 msPassed
handles natural line delimiters in --properties-file and --conf uniformly68 msPassed
handles standalone client mode60 msPassed
handles standalone cluster mode16 msPassed
include an external JAR in SparkR0 msSkipped
includes jars passed in through --jars12 secPassed
includes jars passed in through --packages12 secPassed
includes jars passed through spark.jars.packages and spark.jars.repositories13 secPassed
launch simple application with spark-submit6.1 secPassed
launch simple application with spark-submit with redaction6.5 secPassed
print the right queue name2 msPassed
prints error with unrecognized options2 msPassed
prints usage on empty input4 msPassed
prints usage with only --help1 msPassed
remove copies of application jar from classpath73 msPassed
resolves command line argument paths correctly0.15 secPassed
resolves config paths correctly0.18 secPassed
specify deploy mode through configuration0.12 secPassed
start SparkApplication without modifying system properties72 msPassed
support --py-files/spark.submit.pyFiles in non pyspark application0.11 secPassed
support glob path77 msPassed
user classpath first in driver3.1 secPassed